Lab Information

Access to DSIC virtual machines

  • You will be given a username and a password for accessing the DSIC desktops and virtual machines
  • You can access by using:
    • The lab computers
    • Your own computer by using a remote desktop server connected to
  • After entering, you have to open a browser and access to
  • Accept the security exception and employ the same username and password to access the virtual machine manager
  • Switch on your virtual machine (by using the “play” icon)
  • You can access via ssh to the virtual machine employing a generic user and password (they are NOT the previously used)

Access to Jupyter notepads employed in the TensorFlow workshop

  • For the TensorFlow workshop on Tue 11th follow the steps above
  • Connect via ssh to the virtual machine using the generic user and password, enter TensorFlow directory and execute “./”
  • Open a new browser window and write the virtual machine address with port 8888 to access the Jupyter notepads you are going to employ in the workshop